The TWS Schulung & Beratung offers you the opportunity of having your personnel or associates become qualified in the field of supply chain through an online training programme approved by the German Federal Aviation Authority. We offer these trainings in  German and English.

Benefit from working through the necessary trainings in the secured supply chain – fast, comfortably and at low cost. Flexible and without pressure, you learn at your own pace..

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We offer this so-called WEB-BASED TRAINING in the following categories:


Training of persons implementing security controls for cargo and mail other than screening

German: LBA approval number: LBA/WBT/D-00315/11239/M3
English: LBA approval number: LBA/WBT/E-00316/11239/M3

44,90 € plus VAT.


Training of persons implementing security controls for air carrier mail and materials, in-flight supplies and airport supplies other than screening

German: LBA approval number: LBA/WBT/D-00318/112310/M3
English: LBA approval number: LBA/WBT/E-00325/112310/M3

44,90 € plus VAT.

Chapter 11.2.6.

Persons with unescorted access to security areas in airports (excluding passengers)

German: LBA approval number: LBA/WBT/D-00328/1126/M3
English: LBA approval number: LBA/WBT/D-00329/1126/M3

37,90 € plus VAT.

Chapter 11.2.7.

General training of the security awareness

German: LBA approval number: LBA/WBT/D-00319/1127/M3
English: LBA approval number: LBA/WBT/D-00320/1127/M3

37,90 € plus VAT.

Tiered Pricing


1 – 2444,90 €44,90 €37,90 €37,90 €
25 – 4940,90 €40,90 €34,90 €34,90 €
50 – 9936,90 €36,90 €31,90 €31,90 €
100 +32,90 €32,90 €28,90 €28,90 €
ZugriffePaket 1: + 11.2.6
Paket 2: + 11.2.6
Paket 3: +
Paket 4: + + 11.2.6
1 – 2464,90 €64,90 €54,90 €79,90 €
25 – 4960,90 €60,90 €50,90 €75,90 €
50 – 9956,90 €56,90 €46,90 €71,90 €
100 +52,90 €52,90 €42,90 €67,90 €

The stated prices are per access and excl. 19% VAT.

Note: If you use the volume discount, you currently have to send your order by e-mail to


How can I register?

To use the website at you must first register online. To do this, click on the link “Registrieren” (“Register”). Please note that the full company address is also the invoicing address. To complete registration you will then be sent an automatic email containing a confirmation link. After successfully registering, you can log in with a password you have chosen yourself.

How can I buy training courses?

You can buy any number of training courses which will be credited to your course account when we have received your payment. You can pay by invoice or PayPal. You will be informed by email automatically that the courses have been released to you.

Payment via invoice: If you use this method, you will be sent an invoice by email. The courses will be credited to you when we have received your payment.

Payment via PayPal: If paying via PayPal, the courses will be released automatically and you will be sent an invoice via email. Please ensure that you do not pay via a new browser window when using PayPal as this may lead to an error in communication between servers, which may prevent the course being released to you.

If you have no PayPal account and you need the course urgently, please send us a payment voucher at: The course will then be released to you immediately.

How do I obtain a log-in code?

To do a course, you first need to generate a log-in code. The code is generated via the “Administration” Point. Enter the desired number of log-in codes in the relevant section and press the “Generieren” (“Generate”) button.

How do I log on for a training course?

After you have successfully generated your code, you must then “process” it. For training courses carried out in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 2015/1998, your honorific (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms), first and last names and the date of the employment-related background check in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 2015/1998 or the expiry date of the reliability check in accordance with Section 7 of the German Aviation Security Act must be registered.

Where do I enter the log-in code?

Enter the log-in code on the right-hand side of the start page There, you will see the Point “Code-Eingabe” (“Enter Code”). Enter the log-in code here. Please read and confirm the conditions of use and click on “Anmelden” (“Register”).

Which other data are required from the participant?

After entering the log-in code, participants then need only enter their birth-dates. They may enter their email addresses if they wish. Email addresses will be used as an additional “recipient” of the course certificate. Training course administrators always receive the training course certificates automatically. As a next step, participants must press “Speichern” (“Save”). Participants can then start the course.

How can participants’ identities be confirmed?

There are several ways of doing this:

1.) If you are checking a participant’s identity, this must be recorded according to the guidelines of the German Civil Aviation Agency. We will provide you with an Identity Protocol as a download on our platform. Please store the Protocol safely in case the Agency carries out a check.

Important: Identification cannot be carried out by the course participant. In this case, TWS will have to do this.

2.) If you are unable to carry out the identification, TWS can do so via Skype or FaceTime. If this option is selected, the log-in code will be blocked. If identification is carried out using one of TWS’ various methods, the Code will be released. Training courses according to ADR (= European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) and AEO (=Authorized Economic Operator) are exempted from this.

When participating in training courses according to Chapters 11.2.4. and 11.2.5. of Regulation (EU) No. 2015/1998, only TWS can check a participant’s identity.

Why is the date of the expiry of the backround check required in order to register a participant?

According to Chapter 11.1.5. of Regulation (EU) No. 2015/1998, the background check must be carried out before the person concerned can take part in security training courses involving access to non-public information. This must be ensured by TWS. (Training courses according to Chapter 11.2.7. of the ADR and AEO regulations are exempt.)

Why are there these additional requirements?

In the past, cases have apparently come to light in which on-line training courses have not been carried out properly. For example, participants have not submitted the relevant checks before training courses started or the course was attended by someone other than the intended participant. The German Civil Aviation Agency therefore instituted tighter conditions for online training courses with effect from 1 February 2016.   These changes take effect immediately and must also be fulfilled for both log-in codes which have already been generated and for training courses which have been commenced but not yet completed. You can process the log-in codes retrospectively via the Administration Account at .

How does TWS counter forged training certificates?

Every course certificate is marked with an individual TWS check number. You can check their authenticity in connection with the participant’s name 24/7. Visit our training course portal at and click on “TWS-Nr. prüfen” (“Check TWS No.”).

Are these additional procedures approved by the German Civil Aviation Agency?

Yes. We have obtained approval for these procedures from the German Civil Aviation Agency. These can be sent on request.

Is only TWS obliged to fulfil these new requirements?

No. All training course providers must implement them. They are implemented in different ways by various providers.

Do the training courses include tests?

Yes. Participants must achieve a minimum number of points. If a participant fails the test, it is re-activated. This does not involve any additional costs.

How do I obtain the course certificate?

The course certificate is sent to the “purchaser” of the course and, where appropriate, the course participant if he/she has given his/her email address.

Are the air security courses approved by the authorities?

Yes. We have obtained approval for our air security courses from the German Civil Aviation Agency. These can be sent on request.

If you have any questions on the use of our web-based training, you can reach us via telephone from Mondays to Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. under the number +49 30 76 00 88 30, or write us an e-mail at: