Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport(ACC3)

From the 1 July 2014, the EU regulations state that ACC3′s must be in possession of security verifications of their cargo and mail operations at the relevant non- EU airports. This verification activity must be undertaken by an Independent Validator, certified by an EU regulator. Each independent validation will have to be redone on a fiveyear cycle.

Without this status, an airline will not be permitted to transport cargo and/or mail to or via the EU after 1 July 2014.


Airlines which transport air cargo to or through the EU have to receive the approval from the Appropriate Authority of a member country.

The EU aviation security validation in respect of an air carrier’s relevant cargo operations shall consist of an examination of the air carrier’s security programme ensuring its relevance and completeness and verification of the implementation of aviation security measures in respect of the relevant cargo operations.

In order to become a validated ACC3, every station shall be validated by an Independent Validator.

If the ACC3 wishes to have the security controls applied by a business partner such as Known Consignors, Regulated Agents or Ground Handlers at non-EU airports then these entities must also have their operations undergo independent validation. If the EU aviation security validator concludes that the entity has succeeded in complying with the objectives referred to in this checklist, a validation report shall be given to the validated entity. The validation report shall state that the entity is designated Third Country EU aviation security validated Regulated Agent (RA3) or Known Consignor (KC3). The RA3 and KC3 shall be able to use the report in its business relations with any ACC3.


We can offer you a pool of accredited EU Independent Validators who have completed the IATA training requirements.

This training and authentication qualifies them to do the EU AviationSecurity Validation for ACC3/RA3/KC3.


Before the on-site validation starts, a document check will be performed to prove all significant information about the air carrier and to make sure that the ACC3 Program complies with the EU regulations:

  • Organisation and responsibilities of the ACC3 at the airport
  • Security program of the air carrier
  • Staff recruitment and training
  • Acceptance procedures
  • Database
  • Screening procedures
  • High risk cargo or mail (HRCM)
  • Protection

After the examination of the documents, an on-site visit will be arranged. Here, the proper enforcement of aviation security measures in regards to relevant airfreight handling according to the checklist of the Commission Regulation will be reviewed.

After the on-site validation, the checklist will be provided to the air carrier for comments and finally the report will be send to the appropriate authority. If the appropriate authority is satisfied with the results of the validation report, the ACC3 will be entered into the EU database with an unique alphanumeric identifier (UAI).

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